Group Menu 30€

Please note that choice must be communicated 3 days before the event.


3 mini tapas from the bar (croquetas, tapas de pan, empanadillas, tortilla etc.)

Main course

Grilled Seabass and its side dish; OR
Grilled Seabrem and its side dish OR
Grilled Salmon and its side dish ;


Grilled Iberian Pork (Secreto) with vegetables; OR
Home made Andalusian bread, pork cheek & porcini mushroom; OR
Chicken “Petra Style” with dried fruits and corn


Please ask the Chef


Fruit Salad with Vanilla Ice Cream; OR
Panna Cotta with red berries
The menu option includes coffee, water (1 bottle for 2 people), wine – red or white - (1 glass of Wine Tales Selection* wine per person)
*Wine Tales Selection Red – 100% Grenache from Bodegas Borsao – Zaragoza – Spain: Young, fresh, fruity, spicy and with a lot of character – perfect as an aperitif, or accompanying Spanish cured meat and cheese. It goes very well with all our tapas.

*Wine Tales Selection White – 100% Macabeo from Bodegas Borsao – Zaragoza – Spain: fresh, aromatic and fruity – perfect as an aperitif and accompanies perfectly well all of our fish or veggie based tapas

Alternative wines can be served during dinner; please ask the management for the wine menu and prices